Why Do the Customers Choose Beston Amusement?

Beston amusement can supp ort our customers who are interested in investing in different amusement and theme parks all over the world. In order to make the customers have the concept of the investment they will operate and have already operated, we directly present the project according to customers’ requirements. We also give some effective suggestions to make our customers bring in more benefits. We suggest some amusement rides for your park, such as mechanical rides, thrill rides, kiddie rides, spinning rides, and so on.
Beston has our own factory and design team to better serve for our customers…


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Main Products

Thrill Rides for Sale

Thrill rides are the essential elements in amusement and theme parks, which always attract more attention and are the ideal selection for investors. It mainly includes the roller coaster, swing tower ride, chair swing ride, drop tower ride, top spin ride, giant frisbee rides, etc.


Giant Roller Coasters



Giant Frisbee Rides



Pirate Ship Rides


Kiddie Rides for Sale

Kiddie rides, with attractive appearance, are a kind of popular amusement rides for kids covering small areas with big capacities. It is mainly commonly seen in small park and indoor amusement business. Beston supplies quality kids amusement park rides at reasonable price.


Carousel Rides



Bumper Car Rides



Amusement Trains


Hot Amusement Park Rides from Our Factory


Ferris Wheel Rides



Spinning Teacup Rides



Wacky Worm Roller Coasters



Mini Shuttle Roller Coasters



Ocean Singer Spray Ball Rides



Disco Tagada Rides



Spinning Roller Coasters



UFO Disco Rides



Trackless Mall Trains



Chair Swing Rides



Break Dance Rides



Suspended Roller Coasters


Different Types of Park Design

Amusement and Theme Park Design>
City Park Design>
Scenic Spot Design>
Building Roof Playground Design>
Indoor Amusement Park Design>
Suburban Amusement Park Design>
Family Entertainment Center Design>
Plaza Playground Design>
Lighting project / urban lighting project>
Amusement and Theme Park Design
City Park Design
Scenic Spot Design
Building Roof Playground Design
Indoor Amusement Park Design
Suburban Amusement Park Design
Family Entertainment Center Design
Plaza Playground Design
Lighting project / urban lighting project

Different Types of Park Design

Park Projects Feedback


Park in in Pakistan



Park Project in Indonesia



Park in Kyrgyzstan



Park in Uzbekistan



Family Amusement Center in Uzbekistan



Suspended Roller Coasters


Amusement Rides Feedback


Indoor Soft Play in Uzbekistan



Bumper Cars in India



Elephant Track Train Feedback



Trackless Trains in Chile



Mini Train in Kazakhstan



30m Ferris Wheel in Norway