16 Seat Carousel Exported to Botswana


Video Introduction

The videos shows the 16 seat carousel in an amusement park in Botswana. Beston 16 seat carousel was successfully exported to Botswana and installed, and began to work. The video feedback shows that our customers are satisfied with our carousel ride. More and more amusement rides are entering the Botswana market. More and more amusement park are building in the Botswana market.

On March 7, 2022, we received the feedback from Botswana customer that Beston 16 seat carousel has been installed at an kiddie entertainment center at Botswana. It is installed at Tsholofelo park. Here is the running video of kids riding on the carousel, you can click the video for more information.

More About Beston 16 Seat Carousel

The 16-seat carousel adopts the principle of upper transmission (can also be made into lower transmission), which makes the equipment run with less noise, smoother up and down operation, and bring passengers stronger floating feeling.

The exterior of the 16-seat carousel from Beston is fully wrapped in FRP, and the mechanical parts of the equipment are hidden.

For the iron part, we use shot blasting machine to grinding and rust removal to spray bottom paint and then spray the surface paint. It is not easy to rust in relatively humid areas. With beautiful appearance, excellent workmanship, stable operation and reasonable price, the 16 seater carousel has become more and more popular.


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