Amusement Park Bumper Cars for Sale


Amusement park bumper cars for sale from Beston group are one of the best selling amusement equipment in our factory. Beston supplies different amusement park bumper cars for customers to choose from. If you want to purchase some amusement bumper cars, Beston will be your best choice with various bumper cars, which is famous for its high quality, professional manufacturing, unique and novel design, attractive appearance and lower prices.

Amusement Park Bumper Cars for Sale:

There are different types of bumper car rides supplied by Beston factory and these cars are with different colors and themes. According to your site, fund, passenger flow or type, you should choose the suitable bumper car rides for your park, malls, playground and so on. You can find electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, spin zone bumper cars, ice bumper cars, kiddie bumper cars and so on.

  • Electric Bumper Cars for Sale:

The electric grid bumper cars: ceiling grid bumper cars, ceiling-floor grid bumper cars and ground/floor grid bumper cars.

Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars: the oldest and common dodgem cars is the ceiling grid bumping cars and it contains the conductive floor and ceiling. With the rapid technological and economic development, the ceiling grid bumper car supplier is gradually rarely seen and the ground grid and battery bumper cars almost replace the position of ceiling bumper cars.

Ground Grid Bumper Cars: The ground grid bumper car or no-ceiling grid bumping cars is a newer model kiddie rides. It is a participation type of entertainment facilities.

Riders riding on the special floor on the bumping cars games to bump, rub, run and hit, exciting and wonderful, and you can never what will happen next. It has higher collision strength. However, it is difficult and takes a lot of time and energy to transport to another place. What’s more, because of the cost on steel floor and control box, the floor grid bumper car has higher investment.

  • Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

The battery operated bumper cars are manufactured by one step forming with environmental friendly fiberglass and the iron parts are painted by electrostatic spray. What’s more, it is equipped with the advanced audio, location, lighting, timing and so on. As long as the kids battery operated cars with 24V battery are filled with power, it can work and it is simple to operate.

This battery powered bumper cars has characteristics of colorful, non-fading, environment protection, corrosion resistance, good stability, attractive appearance, novel design, safe, etc.. Because battery operated bumper cars with remote control are easy to transport, applied to various sites and lower in costs, it can meet the demand of the minority investors.

  • Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

The inflatable bumper cars are small electric vehicles for kids which are manufactured with fiberglass and steel, and surrounded by the PVC material. In this way, it is safer and more thrilling. What’s more, there are electric and battery powered cars for you to choose.

  • Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

Ice bumper cars is a kind of inflatable bumper cars which are powered by battery, which are fairly popular in ice rink bumper car market. This kind of bumper car adopts the unique double-driving wheel with independent control system and outer-ring airbag to reduce the collision pressure. Beston bumper cars on ice can highly entertain the kids and adults, which can attract more passengers.

Besides, there are some other popular bumper cars, such as kiddie bumper cars, mini bumper cars, indoor bumper cars, spin zone bumper cars, foot pedal bumper cars, hand lever type bumper cars, steering wheel bumper cars. Which kind of bumper cars are you interested in? Please check here to contact us to buy amusement park bumper cars from Beston company.


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