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Carousels are one of the most popular amusement park rides for people of all ages to have fun and most people have a unforgettable memory on carousels with their families and friends. Carousel rides are popular in amusement and theme park, shopping mall, garden, backyard, playground, tourist attraction and so on. Beston offers you different types of amusement park carousels for sale all over the world for investors to choose from!

How to Classify Amusement Park Carousels?

There are several methods of classifying the carousels. The followings are some basic standards of carousel classification:

  • According to the level of decoration, the carousels can be classified into three models: simple merry go round carousels, semi-grand carousels and grand carousel rides.
  • According to the seater number of carousel horse or other carousel animals installing on the carousel rides, the common carousels can be 3 seaters, 6 seaters, 12 seaters, 16 seaters, 22 seaters, 24 seaters, 36 seaters and so on.
  • According to the transmission mode, the carousel can be divided into the top-drive carousels, imitation top-drive carousels and the bottom-drive or under-drive carousels.
  • According to the carousel animals or carousel themes is simply composed of horse carousel rides (the sizes of carousels are different) and other carousels (it mainly combines the current popular cartoon characters other elements, such as fairy tale, underwater, Disney, nursery rhyme, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf other cute animals).
  • According to the story or decker of carousels, there are general one-story carousels, two-story or double decker carousels.

Comparison Between Bottom and Top Driven Carousel

The bottom-drive carousel is more energy-saving and there are motors in platform and the transmission of train drives the operation of the running wheel. The rotation of driven pulley is driven by the driving pulley. The common bottom-drive carousel is simple and single decker carousel. It mainly suitable for customers who are lacking of fund and generally applied to the small town.

However, as for the top-drive grand carousel, the electric motors are in the ceiling and there is a motor every two horse. The structural is complex,expensive and difficult to maintain, but it is fairly durable. And the imitation under-drive carousels is also the bottom drive, but it has high stability and longer service life.

Generally speaking, the the top-drive carousel rides are relatively expensive and the maintenance is more complex. What’s more, the top-drive merry go round carousels usually refer to the grand or semi-grand carousel.

Semi-grand and Grand Carousel Difference:

The main difference between semi-grand and grand carousel rides lies in the beauty degree of the appearance design of the carousels. Therefore, the price of these carousels can be significantly different.

Compared with the grand carousels, the simple or semi-grand carousels has no beautiful fiberglass appearance shape as well as various colorful lights(Generally, the lights of carousels is the LED Mushroom Lamps). It is just adding the ceiling and other portable items to the a mere skeleton. In this way, the simple carousels have the advantages of easy transportation and convenient assembling/ disassembling.

And the grand carousels with more beautiful and colorful decorations, can attract more attentions of visitors passers-by. At the same time, it can bring much more benefits. But the costs of the grand merry go round carousels is bigger and this means the price is higher than semi-grand carousels.

How to Choose Carousel Ride Manufacturers

Therefore, different investors should choose the carousels according to their fund, sites, and demands, etc. You should choose the most suitable carousel for your parks, malls, playgrounds, and so on. If you have no ideas about choosing the carousels, you had better contact our professional sales manager and they will help you choose the best carousels and other amusement rides from Beston company!


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