Amusement Park Roller Coasters for Sale


The roller coaster is a motorized ride that is common in amusement parks and theme parks. Although the roller coaster amusement ride is terrifying, it is basically a very safe facility and is loved by many young tourists. As a kind of popular thrilling ride, Beston amusement park roller coasters for sale can bring a lot of fun for people who want to challenge the limit.

Beston supplies various types of amusement park roller coasters from our factory, such as:

Suspended or Hanging Roller CoasterVertical Roller Coaster
Shuttle Roller CoasterSingle Roller Coaster Rides
Three rings, medium three rings, and  large three Rings Roller Coaster4-rings Giant Roller Coaster
6 Loops Theme Park Roller CoastersSeven-loop Large Roller Coasters
Family Roller CoastersSmall/Mini Roller Coasters

Three-loop Roller Coaster for Sale

For three-loop roller coaster ride, the overhead rail is mainly composed of one 360 degree vertical ring and two 360 degree spiral rings, traction engine gives power to the train, when moves to the highest point of 25 meters, it automatically decoupling slide, with a large angle downthrust, a 360 degree vertical roll and two times of 360 degree spiral rolls, when sliding, tourists can feel the height, speed, downthrust, weightlessness and overweight, and also experience heavy centrifugal force.

At present, our third generation products, its track manufacturing already made by mould, its fluency can be comparable with the similar imported products with advanced technology, achieved the low noise national patents.

Besides, the streamline design of the FRP carriages, the whole shaping of the carriages and the seats, and the gel coat on both inner and outer sides, all makes it the first beautiful roller coaster in China.

Four-loop Roller Coaster for Sale

For Four-loop roller coaster ride, it has six cabins,and this ride can accommodate 24 people. Each cabin is equipped with the pneumatic pressure bar and seat belt, which is very safe and reliable for people. For four-ring roller coaster, the track length is 500 meters, the highest point is 24 meters, the maximum operating speed is 75 km/h. Compared to the three-ring roller coaster, the four-ring roller coaster may be more exciting for passengers.

Seven-loop Suspended Roller Coaster for Sale

For suspension roller coaster ride, it is mainly composed of an overhead track, a traction system, a braking system and a train group. The overhead track includes one 360° vertical ring, one 270° vertical ring, two 360°spiral rings, and three 360° lateral rings.

If you are looking for different kinds of roller coaster rides, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or leave a message below. And our salesman will send the latest product list and price to you as soon as possible. Of course, you can also come to China to visit our factory at any time! Looking forward to working with you in the future!


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