Amusement Park Trains for Sale


Amusement park trains, as a popular park rides for kids and adults,has a long history and will be never outdated. The amusement train ride can be found in many places and areas, such as amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, playground, shopping malls, scenic spots, schools and so on. It not only can be an addition to attract customers for other investment, but also can be a transportation tools to carry visitors to another places, which can be more convenient and entertain all customers. Beston supplier various amusement park trains for sale in many countries and areas all over the world.

Brief Introduction: Amusement Park Trains

Here, Beston will introduce you some basic knowledge about our amusement park trains ride in detail.

An amusement park train with track is a kind of popular amusement park rides which always serve for small kiddies, but sometimes, it attracts many adults to ride on this track trains. It is also called kiddie (railway) train. This kind of track trains for kids is manufactured by imitating the regular true train rides. There is a Thomas Locomotives in the front of this kiddie electric trains. The Locomotive is often pulling one or several carriages with different cartoon themes.

Generally, several carriages of mini trains go along the interchange track in the power of traction, with a group of kiddies’ laughter going away. It is a kind of fun mechanical rides which is filled with pleasures and joy for kids. In general, the amusement park trains are galvanized rail track or trackless to satisfy all customers’ demands.

Beston company is always in the leading position of many amusement rides manufacturer and supplier and supplies various models of amusement park trains for sale with the highest quality and in the lower prices. Beston miniature track train is often popular in amusement parks, backyard, kindergarten, shopping malls, theme parks and other public for children.

How to classify the Amusement Park Train?

  • In general, it can be classified into amusement trackless train rides and track train rides.
  • According to cartoon characters, Beston has many types of amusement train rides, such as elephant trains, ocean trains, Christmas trains, Thomas trains, and so on. Want to know more? Please contact u for more details.
  • According to the methods of the power supply, the amusement park trains for kiddies are composed of battery operated train rides and electric cabinet train rides.
  • According to the number of the locomotives and carriages, we have 1 Loco+ 3 Coaches and 1 Loco+ 4 Coaches, and more.
  • According to the capacity of carriages, we have amusement trains of 8 persons, 10 persons, 14 persons, 16 persons, 18 persons, 24 persons, 40 persons, and more tyes.
  • According to the shape of the track, the amusement park trains can be classified into circular shape track trains, 8-shaped track trains, and B-shaped track trains.
  • And more…

Buy Amusement Park Trains – You Will Never Regret!

The amusement park train rides is a living fossil, which is left in the early industrial revolution for children. Nowadays, it is also prevalently loved by the child. The kiddie electric trains are always manufactured with vivid and beautiful styles or themes. For example, as for one of the popular elephant small track train rides for kids, The locomotive is designed to be an elephant and there is a different cute animal on each carriage, which looks very vivid and flexible, attracting the attention of many children.

It has advantages of novel appearance, high simulation, delicate process, vivid color as well as a vivid whistle. Ring on the track trains, just like take a forest adventure, which is fairly lively and warmly welcomed by many kiddies. What’s more, it is lower in the investment cost and can be placed indoor and outdoor, which is the ideal selection for most of the investors. Do you have some plans to purchase amusement park trains or other kiddie and thrill rides, please contact Beston right now!

Why Choose Beston Amusement Park Trains?

  1. Manufactured with new type fiberglass reinforced plastics, the mini track trains are safe, environmental protection, stable, high quality and longer service life.
  2. Decorated with colorful lighting at the train, beautiful and long-lasting painting and vivid cartoon figures, which is attractive and beautiful.
  3. Beston backyard track train has music in control box to play songs to attract kids’ attention.
  4. Beston track trains have exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, gorgeous color, etc..
  5. Equipped with motor transmission system, our kiddie trains has low noise, smooth surface of track and long lifetime.


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