Beston Built an Amusement Park in Uzbekistan


An amusement park is built in Uzbekistan by Beston amusement, a professional and leading manufacturer and supplier in the amusement equipment industry. And Beston can supply various amusement and theme rides for customers in different countries and areas in the world. The park (ASI Park) is set up in 2018 and customers felt very satisfied with the park design as well as our equipment in their park.

And the park we built included various amusement rides, and these rides are composed of thrill rides and kids amusement rides, as well as the attractive lighting design.

The video above shows the the main rides in the park: swing tower rides, disco rides, pirate ship rides, roller coaster rides, dragon wagon roller coaster for kids, elephant train ride with track, mini shuttle small roller coaster, paratrooper rides, rotary octopus rides, kangaroo jump ride, top spin rides, fighting shark island kiddie rides, le bar cars, ferris wheel, and other small coin operated kiddie rides, etc..

If you are also satisfied with our park design and amusement park rides in this park, and have the doubts about your park project, please do not hesitate to contact us to send us an inquiry and we will help you and send you details as soon as possible!


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