Beston Disco Rides for Sale in Nigeria


Beston has been built several amusement parks in Nigeria and customers in Nigeria extremely trust us. The above are one of the test running video of our disco rides from one of our customers in Nigeria.

The disco rides are also called flying UFO, Disk’O Magic, Electro Spin, Dizzy Disk, Gyro Spin, Mega Disk’O, Tiki Twirl, magic bowl ride and other names in different places and different parks. No matter what it is called, it is always the most exciting and popular amusement park equipment and has the same structures.

There are generally six main component parts: track, turntable disc, stage, decoration part, safety device and electronic control unit. The main parts of the disco amusement rides in Beston is manufactured with galvanized steel and fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP) and the thickness of fiberglass is 5-8mm. Therefore, Beston Disk’O Magic can be environmental friendly, safe, corrosion resistance, long lasting, good stability, etc..


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