Chair Swing Rides for Sale


As a kind of popular amusement park rides, Beston chair swing rides for sale are always selling well for amusement and theme park investors. It always designed with attractive appearance, beautiful colors, thrilling and varied spinning motions. Therefore, the swing ride is always attracting many visitors attentions. Our swing rides or flying chair rides can make your amusement park business boom and get more benefits.

Giant Chair Swing Ride for Sale

  • Beston also supplies varied giant chair swing rides.
  • Compared with kiddie swing ride for sale in Beston, giant chair swing ride for sale in stock is more complicated in manufacturing which you can know from the picture or video.
  • We equip deluxe LED lights and delicate decorations on the giant flying swing ride to make it attractive in appearance so that tourists will line for it. When night comes, the swing carousel shines in dark attracting many people to ride on.
  • Giant chairoplane can accommodate 24 or 36 people at one time, and rise higher than kiddie chair swing ride.

Flying Swing Ride with Tilted Head

  • To increase the excitement of carnival swings ride, we manufacture fair swing ride with shaking head which is quite like ocean walk ride, samba balloon ride, and happy jellyfish ride.
  • The common model of the chair swing ride is that the chained chairs spin circularly and rise to high air, but flying swing ride with shaking head is much funnier than the common model because the head of the swing amusement ride can tilt to an angle with the rising of height. Actually, either kiddie swing ride for sale or giant chair swing ride for sale in Beston can be manufactured with a shaking head.

Please let us know if you want to buy a flying chair ride with shaking head, and we will provide useful help or suggestions.

Kiddie Swing Ride for Sale

  • Kiddie swing rides in Beston mainly are fruit swing ride, ocean-themed carnival swing ride, candy spinning chair ride, mushroom carnival spinning swings, and mickey mouse swing carousel.
  • And all these chair swing rides can be made into 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats, and 36 seats.
  • As a professional swing flying chair manufacturer, Beston has exported many fair swing rides with different themes and models.

So if you are planning to buy a mini swing ride for kids, contact us right now, and we will provide you the best chair swing ride with competitive factory price.

Professional Chair Swing Ride Manufacturer

  1. Chair swing ride is one of the major rides in Beston Group, so we are very professional in manufacturing it.
  2. We use solid and stainless steel as the frame of the flying swing ride, and standard FRP as the main material of seats and other decorative parts.
  3. In each process of the manufacturing, our engineers do it meticulously and skillfully. We know that we should be responsible for our clients and people’s safety, so we do what we can do to satisfy both ourselves and our customers.
  4. Besides, we also manufacture other types of amusement park rides like roller coaster rides, ferris wheels, amusement trains, carousel rides, pirate ship rides, samba balloon rides, disco ride, energy storm ride,, paratrooper ride, miami rides, kiddie plane rides, etc..


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