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Beston manufactures and supplies the disco rides for sale with excellent quality and competitive prices, which is the most popular and welcomed big amusement equipment in the amusement parks and theme parks. Beston flying disco rides for sale will be your ideal choice for your investment!

It is a kind of flat fairground rides, which is very thrilling and interesting and can bring a lot of pleasures for children and adults. It can rotate 360 degree when swing, and is adult thrilling rides. Speed can customized to meet all customers’ demands. The disco rides are preferred by many people of different ages, from the kiddies to the old and especially the Beston flying UFO particularly sells well and welcomed.

Technical Requirements of Amusement Disco Rides:

  1. Before installation, completely clean all parts and find the right sizes and contact gap to guarantee the the normal contact gap.
  2. After installing, it is necessary to paint and do anti-rust treatment for the welding parts in the construction sites.
  3. After assembly, it is necessary to ensure that the pulley and rotating frame can run flexibly.
  4. As for the test running, adjust it timely when there is abnormal sound and then test the load power of the whole machine.
  5. After test running, fasten all the fastening bolts of all transmission systems again. drive system for all fastening bolts and re-tighten.

Technical Parameter of Beston Flying UFO Rides for Sale:

  • Maximum glide speed: 11m/s;
  • Rotating Speed: 10r/min;
  • Power: 27KW;
  • Track Radius: 13800mm;
  • Track Height: 8040mm;
  • Size: 27408mm×6050mm;

Besides, Beston supplies qualified amusement park rides including the thrill rides, mechanical rides, kiddie and family rides, theme park rides, and other rides with excellent quality at lower prices and all with different certifications. When looking for disco rides or other rides, you can contact BESTON for free quotation and all our sales managers promise they will reply all our customers as soon as possible.


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