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Beston Disco Tagada Ride for Sale can meet all kinds of demands from our customers. Different sizes of tagada rides produced by our factory can be widely seen in amusement and theme parks, carnivals and fairgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, scenery spot and so son. Which kind of disco tagda rides are you planning to buy? Please check our site for details!

Disco Tagada Rides Details:

The tagada ride, which is also called Disco Tagada, Disco Turntable or Space Disco, is a kind of popular amusement ride. It is usually applied to amusement parks, theme parks, residential parks, outdoor playground, etc..

In generally, the whole disco tagada rides are composed of the round bowl without seat-belts or restraints, the platform and the fence to protect riders from hurting themselves, FRP decorations, background wall, cylinder, Stereo music and steel stairs. The disco turntable rides can rotate 45 degree. Beston group supplies excellent quality kiddie tagada rides for sale of different sizes for customers at a lower prices.

Why Choose Disco Tagada Amusement Rides?

  1. Custom design services: There are 8/16/24 seats can be chosen for customers. And a variety of topics are also available for customers to choose.
  2. Less Covering Area: The tagada ride doesn’t take up too much space, so it is portable and convenient for buyers to build up.
  3. Attractive lights and music. The tagada ride is also equipped with colorful lights and nice music. These colorful lights are very beautiful at night, and disco music can be played along with the movement of this ride.
  4. Easy to operate and maintain. Tagada ride is powered by electricity, so the operation of this ride is very simple. Once this ride is completed, we need to perform routine inspections, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.

How Does A Tagada Ride Work?

If you want to know how the tagada ride works, then you must understand the principle of operating, principle of rotation and principle of fluctuation. The following is the detailed introduction.

  • Operational principle of tagada rides: First of all, starting the air compressor. When the pressure reaches 0.6pa, the disco turntable also starts. After turning on the power, the motor drives the gear on the reducer to rotate, which in turn drives rotation of the slewing ring that meshes with the pinion, and finally drives the turntable to rotate; The air compressor draws in the air, and the air will be stored in the gas tank.
    When the pressure rises, the gas pressure rushes toward the side of the turntable through the cylinder. The turntable forms a slope, which is programmed to complete the fluctuation of the turntable.
  • Principle of rotation: After turning on the power, the motor drives the reducer to rotate; and then the geer make the slewing bearing rotate, and finally completes the rotation of the turntable.
  • Principle of fluctuation: The air compressor compresses the inhaled air into the gasholder,and the gasholder pushes the air pressure to the support arm through the air cylinder. Through the extension and contraction of the pneumatic rod, it will lead to the rise and fall of the supporting arm.Then the ups and downs of the turntable are finally completed.

Where to Buy High-quality Disco Tagada Rides?

As the professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, Beston amusement has many years of experience in the design and production of amusement park rides.

Beston amusement rides mainly includes family rides, thrill rides, kiddie rides and other new theme park rides. These amusement products not only have passed various certifications, but also enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad.

More importantly, our company has established a long-term cooperation with many customers from different countries.

If you want to invest in a tagada ride, please contact Beston online or leave a message below. And our salesman will give you a reply as soon as possible. Welcome to visit Beston factory at any time!


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