Happy Jellyfish Rides for Sale


Jellyfish rides or happy jellyfish, are a small or medium amusement park equipment for kids, and it is designed on the foundation of the samba balloon rides. The motion of the happy jellyfish is similar with the samba balloon rides: go up and down, revolve and rotate. Therefore, it is very popular and welcomed in the parks.

Beston Jellyfish Amusement Ride:

As for Beston jellyfish rides, the passengers also can control the steering wheel to rotate the colorful cabins to rotate. So, there is a lot more participation and interesting during riding the jellyfish ride. This newly designed, fantastic, romantic kids amusement park rides are commonly available in theme park, amusement park, indoor and outdoor playground, adventure land and children’s park, fairground shopping mall, etc..

Beston, a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying various types of kids rides and thrill rides to export to many countries and areas around the world, offers the best jellyfish ride for sale with the best prices in China.

Why Are Jellyfish Rides Popular?

Beston jellyfish rides are characterized with superior quality, attractive appearance, charming color, distinct modeling, enjoyable and safe, which can make visitor feel they are flying in the space, full of happiness. As for the jellyfish rides, free and unfettered jellyfish with colorful balloons and beautiful cockpit together can attract the attention of many kids and adults.

In generally, the happy jellyfish is composed 8 cockpits and each cockpit can accommodate 4 children and adults, which make it can hold more visitors. Besides, Beston jellyfish rides for kids are always brightly outfitted with colorful spinning tubs and flashing lights on the cockpit. The height whole equipment is about 3.5 meter and the diameter is 8 meter or 10 meter.

Main Advantages of Beston Jellyfish Kiddie Rides:

  1. High quality raw materials: fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) and stainless steel.
  2. Skillful painting worker; attractive and colorful appearance; high quality, non-fading and friendly environmental painting.
  3. Customized: color, shape of cabin, size, galvanized available customer demand for better antirust.
  4. Wide Application: amusement park, theme park, fairground, cultural centers, indoor and outdoor playground.
  5. Quality Fiberglass and Steel: The 5mm-8mm thickness fiberglass and 3mm-4mm thickness stainless steel frame make it stronger and more durable.


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