Light Test of Beston 30m Ferris Wheel for Customer in Norway


Recently, one of our customer in Norway has ordered a 30m ferris wheel and the video above is the test of this 30 meters ferris wheel ride light.

The light of this ferris wheel is always changing in color and shape, which is very beautiful and attractive! And after it is finished manufacturing and test running, it will be exported to our customers by sea.

The popular ferris wheel in our company is ranging from 20m to 88m. Some heights of the ferris wheels are selling well among customers, such as: 20m, 30m, 42m, 49m, 65m, 88m.

  • Which kind of amusement park ferris wheel are you planning to buy?
  • How much to buy a ferris wheel?
  • How to choose the ferris wheel for your park?

As for these questions, Beston will give you the answer as well as you contact us here now when you are looking for ferris wheel or other park rides!

Beston has installed several giant ferris wheels in many countries, and most of them are widely recognized by the riders. Fill the form below to get more details.


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