Mall Trains for Sale


Mall trains are trackless trains used in shopping malls. A trackless train plays an important role in shopping malls. Are you planning to buy one? If you do, Beston will be your best choice. You can find many different types of mall train rides here with guaranteed factory price and quality. Please check the picture and specifications below to choose the one you like, and email us for a price list.

We can find it is very necessary to purchase a trackless mall train or other kids amusement rides for malls. It is playing an important role in shopping malls. For example, it can take people to have a travel around the mall. And when kids ride on the mall train ride, adults can do other things they want to do. You can find that almost every mall has a trackless train to attract more people.

Trackless Mall Train Business Prospect:

Trackless mall train business has attracted so many people to invest. From the development of the economy, we can find that trackless mall train business will be more popular than ever before. If you are thinking about investing in trackless mall train business, you should not hesitate to buy one or some.

Beston mall train rides are often made into 1 locomotive with four cabins with each cabin accommodating 6 kids or 5 adults. A large-capacity trackless train mall ensures you a quick return. Besides, Beston mall train rides can be customized according to customers’ demands or requirement on the color, theme, capacity, and so on.

What’s more, Beston mall train ride has a larger capacity, a longer service life and lower maintenance rate, which means it can bring much more profits in a shorter time. Therefore, the mall trackless train is a profitable investment for shopping mall owners or investors.

Outstanding Features of Beston Mall Trains for Sale

  1. Many different popular models for you to choose from. A popular model can make sure kids are attracted by the electric mall train.
  2. Wide application. Although they are called mall train rides, they can be widely used in parks, pedestrians, streets, zoos, communities, scenic places, etc.
  3. Colorful shiny LED lights. The color of the mall mini trains can change when they flash.
  4. Mall trains in Beston are made up of high-quality FRP which is safe and durable.
  5. There are audio system and bell in the locomotive of the electric mall train to make them easier to drive.
  6. Environment-friendly. Sometimes there will be some gases released when the mall train is running, but the gas is added to attract kids’ attention and has no pollution in the air.

Other Amusement Trains for Sale in Beston

Mall train is one of the types that Beston manufactures. You can also find other rideable trains here, such as amusement park trains, theme park trains, Thomas the train ride, tourist trains, party trains, backyard trains, yard trains, zoo trains, Christmas trains, etc. And in case you are interested in these trains, I present the detailed information below. You can click the picture or title to get the detailed information.


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