Mini Frisbee Ride for Sale


The mini frisbee ride, which is also called small/mini pendulum ride, brings many happy memory for many children. It is a popular and commonly seen kids amusement rides in the kids section of amusement and theme parks, indoor and outdoor entertainment center, carnival and fairground, playground, and so on. Beston manufactures and supplies quality mini frisbee ride for our customers, which are highly praised by our customers.

Mini Frisbee Ride Knowledge:

  • For Small pendulum ride, it is consists of a main bracket, a hanging device, a pendulum, and an electrical system.
  • The main part of the pendulum adopts the truss structure, the pendulum shell is made of FRP, and the pendulum is equipped with seats and safety bars to ensure the safe ride of tourists.
  • The main drive of the pendulum adopts the driving mode of the motor to drive the slewing bearing, so that the swing of the pendulum can be flexibly tracked when the motor is driven, and the non-uniform speed can be realized.
  • A large swing is achieved by using the cylinder weighting pendulum.
  • The pendulum is equipped with a full-featured electrical cabinet and auxiliary electrical equipment to ensure the start and safety of the motor.
  • The electrical cabinet is equipped with the control circuit of the drive unit and the electric bell button. It is very simple and safe to use.

Main Features of Beston Mini Frisbee Rides:

  1. There are six seats for the children to choose, and each seat is equipped with safety device.
  2. It is also equipped with beautiful LED lights and music, which will attract a lot of children to play.
  3. Mini frisbee ride doesn’t need to be equipped with a platform. Before installation, the ground should be hardened with 10-15 cm thickness cement, and fixed with expansion bolts.
  4. Excellent quality mini frisbee rides with competitive price, which is suitable for investors with lower fund.
  5. Stainless steel and colorful FRP material, safety and reliable.

Where to Buy A Mini Frisbee Rides?

As the most professional manufacturer of amusement park rides, Beston company has been specialized in producing and designing amusement rides for more than 20 years. We have our own factory, R&D department, quality inspection department,design department.

Our main products are kiddie rides (mini pendulum ride, mini pirate boat, mini roller coaster, kiddie ferris wheel, etc) , thrill rides, family rides and theme park rides.

Besides, Beston company also provides professional services. For example, the pre-sales teams can provide professional and efficient product consulting services. the after-sales teams can provide the installation, training for customers, and respond to the customers’ feedback.

Do not hesitate to contact Beston amusement when you are planning to buy mini frisbee rides or other amusement park rides for your park or investment!


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