Mini Shuttle Roller Coasters for Sale


The mini shuttle ride, also known as the vertical ring sports car, is a new type of amusement equipment that walks on a dedicated interchange rail. Beston mini shuttle roller coasters for sale with modern logo, colorful lights, acoustics and cartoons, which are loved by a lot of kids in the park. It is a necessary and indispensable amusement rides for investors to add to their parks, which most investors can afford it and also can bring a large amount of money for them.

What Do You Know About Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster Rides?

  • Mini shuttle ride consists of 10 powerful teams of various styles and different styles of sports cars, each driving synchronously, the composition of the vehicle.
  • It is also equipped with colorful lights, sounds and children’s cartoon paintings, the vehicles line up on the track for further hovering and lifting, let the children experience the feeling of over the mountains and flying over time and space, enough to stimulate the sense of panic, is immersive, pleasant and pleasing to the eye.
  • Besides, the main material of sport cars is fiberglass, the number of car can be customized and each car is equipped with two safety belts.
  • As the professional manufacturer of amusement park rides, Beston mini shuttle rides are safe and environmentally friendly for children.

Advantages of Beston Mini Shuttle Ride for sale:

  1. The track of mini shuttle ride can be customized.
  2. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor playground, such as theme park, amusement park and other playgrounds.
  3. With innovative design, cartoons, it is quite attractive to children.
  4. It is also equipped with various music and lights.

How Does The Mini Shuttle Ride Work?

In general, the working principle of mini shuttle ride can be descriped as follows: The control box has a neutral line and a live line (through the transformer, output voltage becoming 36V), connected to the electric chute (mainly composed of double copper busbar), the chute through the mobile conductive device to send electricity to the motor. The motor transmits the kinetic energy to axle through rotating shaft, thus driving the cars to run.

Safety of Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster

  • When it comes to the mini-shuttle rides, safety is always the first thing with your child when it comes to amusement parks.
  • Firstly, you should make sure that you have fastened the seat belt of mini shuttle car to protect the passengers.
  • Besides, you should do a safety check on your child before you allow them to get on the ride.  
  • Start with making sure that their clothing is relatively tight and that is no drawstrings or other devices hanging from them like loose threads that may catch on a part of the kiddie rides equipment and drag them down into the machinery.  

If you are going to invest in some mini shuttle rides for your amusement park, please contact us at anytime or leave a message below. Of course, you can also consider to visit our factory at your free time! Looking forward to cooperating with you!


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