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Do you know mirror maze? It is a most fun and amazing family experience for all family members! It is very popular as an interactive visual adventure designed and produced in Beston company! Check here to buy mirror maze for sale in Beston with competitive price!

What Is a Mirror Maze Called?

Mirror maze, as the name shows, is a maze which has mirrors for walls and we have added some maze with a little difficulties. And it also has some other names, such as a hall of mirrors, a house of mirrors, a mirror house, or a maze of mirrors, etc…

Why the Mirror Maze are Popular?

The mirror maze is a popular attractions at funfairs, carnivals, fairgrounds and amusement parks.
In addition to the maze, participants are also given mirrors as obstacles, and glass panes to parts of the maze they cannot yet get to.

Sometimes the mirrors may be distorted because of different curves, convex, or concave in the glass to give the participants unusual and confusing reflections of themselves, some humorous and others frightening.

If you are interested in the maze of mirrors, feel free to contact us to get more details!

Mirror Maze Types:

There are mainly two types of mirror mazes: fun house of mirrors and infinite mirror maze.

As for the fun house of mirrors, it mainly uses the mirrors and glasses to create the obstacles and it can give you an experience that you can can hardly reach the area of the maze. Therefore, it is commonly seen in the travelling funfairs and carnivals.

Compared with the fun house of mirrors, Beston infinite mirror maze gives the illusion of infinite hallways in multiple directions. Sometimes, with the the angles of the mirrors in relation to each other, you can see infinite reflections. And people can get more modern feel.

How Does a Mirror Maze Work?

As for the mirror maze theory, it is a pattern, combining repetition, symmetry and tessellation using repeated equilateral triangles. These triangles fit together without any gaps or overlaps, creating a tessellation. Mirrored surfaces all around reflect the pattern so that it repeats and appears infinite.

Mirror maze or hall of mirror is attractive among kids, young people, and even adults. Mirror mazes, amazing attractions for parks, funfairs, carnivals, indoor entertainment centers, etc., can attract crowds of visitors for investors and bring much more benefits to them. Interested in it and planning to buy to invest? You can check to get more details at any time!


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