Ocean Singer Spray Ball Ride for Sale


Ocean Singer Spray Ball Ride combines the carousel rides and spinning tea cup ride, which is a new spray ball ride. The ride fuses ocean theme with music and is very attractive! Beston supplies this ocean singer spray ball ride with competitive price for amusement and theme parks!

With the innovative appearance with marine creatures, dazzling lighting design, beautiful music, spinning, rotation, and ball spray, Beston ocean singer spray ball ride is widely seen in amusement and theme parks, carnival and fairgrounds, shopping mall, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor entertainment center and other places.

Details of Ocean Singer Spray Ball Rides:

The colorful FRP of Beston ocean singer spray ball ride is decorated with marine theme creatures, such as fish, dolphin, octopus, wave, seaweed and so on.

Besides, each ocean singer has five cockpits and each cockpit can accommodate two riders. These five cockpits are in conch-shaped rotating cups, which are very lovely and attractive for small children.

Specifications of Ocean Singer Spray Ball Ride:

Model: BAR-ZB10
Dimension: 5.2m
Height: 2.8m
Capacity: 10p
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1.8KW

How Does the Ocean Singer Ride Work?

When it is on, the whole ocean theme plate will spin. And at the same time, the conch-shaped rotating cups can spin with the overall turntable, just like the tea cup ride and carousel rides.

More interestingly, riders in the spinning cups can control the cockpits to spin with the steering wheel. And riders can control the direction and change the rotating speed according to their willingness!

What’s more, the equipment has three spray ball moths in the center, which can automatically spray colorful balls or flow back to the spraying position. Riders in the conch-shaped can hod these balls in the whole spinning process.

Buy New Spray Ball Car Rides From Beston Company

As a reliable manufacturer of amusement park equipment, Beston Group has many years’ experience in designing and producing of various amusement park rides, including kiddie rides, popular family rides, thrilling rides, and other new rides. And most of all, all of these products have become more and more popular on the market.

So far, they have been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Uzbekistan (we have an office there), Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Britain, Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Vietnam, etc.

Contact to Buy Ocean Singer Spray Ball Ride Here!

Want to buy the colorful, interactive and interesting ocean singer spray ball rides? The ocean theme and various function always attract the attentions of kids who are curious about the nature. It is worth the investment in amusement and theme parks, indoor entertainment center and other crowed locations in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, South America and other countries and areas. Contact for price lists here now!


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