Pirate Ship Ride for Sale


Beston pirate ship ride for sale entertains both kids and adults, which is popular in amusement an theme parks. Because of the viking theme, the thrilling and exciting feelings, it always attract many passengers for investors, which can be an wise investment for all investors who can afford it. Are you planning to add some attractions for your parks? Please check here to contact Beston amusement for pirate ship rides or various other amusement park rides!

Pirate Ship Rides For Sale in Our Factory

Beston pirate ships can be divided into two categories, they are large pirate ship ride and mini pirate ship ride. And there are some differences between the large type and mini type pirate ship rides.

  • The large pirate ship ride is very popular with adults. This kind of ride has a large swing angle, and the maximum swing angle can reach 43 degrees, so participants can experience the stimulation and happiness. The large pirate ship ride mainly includes support arms, suspension systems and protection chains. This ride can accommodate 24-40 people, and each cabin has the protective chain and seat belts. Besides, the most attractive part of the pirate ship ride is the ornament. For example, a dragon ornament. For a large pirate ship ride, both the shape and decorations can be customized.
  • With beautiful colors and cartoons decoration, mini pirate ship ride is suitable for children or parent-kid. It can accommodate 8 to 12 children. The mini pirate ship also consists of support arm, suspension system and protection chain. Besides, the mini type is also specifically equipped with a protective fence. In general, the maximum running height of small pirate ship ride is 1.75 meters, and it is easy to move anywhere.

Main Features of Beston Pirate Ship Rides

  1. There are 8-40 seats can be chosen for customers. Besides, to meet the different requirements of customers, we also provide customized designs, including size, color, model, and various themes.
  2. The pirate ship rides are suitable for both children and adults.
  3. Pirate ship ride can swing from left to right, which is quite interesting.
  4. It is equipped with hydraulic power system and pneumatic pressure.
  5. All the fiberglass is made by advanced technology, both the quality and appearance have reached the top class in China. Beston pirate ship ride for sale with high quality, low cost and competitive prices.

How Does the Pirate Ship Ride Work?

  • The working principle of pirate ship is very simple, the motor drives the tire to rotate, the friction between ship and tire makes the ship run and stop.
  • When the power starts, the motor drives the tire to rotate;Click the button and the electric hydraulic propeller works. Then it will raise the tire height, making the tire and ship bottom friction. The friction will provide the power for the movement of pirate ship.
  • Then click the electric button several times to make the pirate ship reach the maximum operating height. The pirate ship relies on its own gravity and inertia to complete the swing operation.
  • Before the end of the operation, when the direction of movement of the boat is opposite to the direction of rotation of the tire, please click the button again to give the boat a counter frictional force, which is to reduce the speed of the boat, and finally the pirate ship will stop.

Why Do you Choose Beston Amusement?

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston Group has specialized in reach, manufacturing and marketing of amusement rides, with large-scale recreational facilities C-class manufacturing, installation, renovation, maintenance qualification. It mainly produces all kinds of large, middle and mini amusement rides, and makes designs and plans for amusement park indoor and outdoor, including instruction, investing and operation of the amusement item!


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