Samba Balloon Ride for sale


Beston supplies top quality samba balloon ride for sale with a competitive price. As for the samba balloon rides, the young people in the samba balloon will feel that they are flying in the sky and they can relax yourself very well, while the children in the rides can get more happiness and it can develop their image. How attractive it is!

The samba balloon rides is also called balloon race or hot-air balloon rides. And it is a kind of popular small size amusement park equipment, which has a function of going up and down, revolution and rotation. Therefore, it is always attracting many kiddies’ and adults’ eyes, which means more visitors and more profits for amusement parks of our customers.

Looking from the outside, the samba balloon ride is a small version of shaking-head wave swinger rides or ferris wheel. Most of the samba balloon amusement rides are mainly composed of the colorful spinning hot-air balloons and the beautiful gondolas.

Just like the commonly seen balloon rides, Beston samba balloon also has three types according to the specification: 4 arms, 6 arms, 8 arms and 12 arms. Each arm has a gondola which can accommodate four passengers, which is perfectly for the whole family members.

When riders are ring on the samba balloon, the ride makes its way up a structure, and at a certain height, it starts tilting. The rides can rotate in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction and at the same time the cockpit can go up and down.

Besides, riders on the balloon race rides can control the rotation of the cockpit by the steering wheel, and it can make the passengers experience a lot more enjoyment. There is also an essentially identical ride with pirate ships instead of balloons.

Seat belts and locking doors provide safety. At some installations, a rider may exit themselves, while in other installations, an operator must let them out.

Therefore, the samba balloon rides are the necessary park equipment in various parks. You can contact with Beston group to purchase samba balloon rides with highest quality at reasonable prices.

Some Advantages of Beston Samba Balloon Rides:

  1. Beston are the most professional manufacturer of various amusement park equipment with many years experience and the whole producing processes are directly in our factory, which can reduce your total cost.
  2. Beston provides standard quality control system, delivery on time and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service.
  3. Strict quality control with competitive price, attractive design and novel styles
  4. Products are exported to Russia, India, USA, Japan etc and are popular in the overseas, which has received a good reputation and high recognition.
  5. All of our thrill and kiddie rides are manufactured with FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) and stainless steel and Beston can provide installation video and foundation drawing.
  6. Application: amusement and theme parks, fairground, funfair, outdoor and indoor playground etc.


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