Small Carousel for Sale


If you are looking for a small carousel sale for kiddies with the features of designed exclusively, dependable and absolutely fantastic looking for your location, Beston amusement is the ideal and primary selection for you. The small carousel for kiddie is usually applied to densely populated areas, such as amusement parks, schools, living square, fun center, retail storefront, or family entertainment center.

Small Carousel Rides Details:

  1. Voltage: 380V.
  2. When the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage exceeds ±10% of the rated value.
  3. When the weather is bad, it forecasts the terrible weather or other emergency situations, the operator should shut up the carousel.
  4. The carousel rides are suitable for areas below 1000 meters above the sea level.
  5. The environmental temperature should be between -10degree and 30 degree and relative humidity should not bigger than 90.

How to Maintain small Carousel Rides?

As for the most popular entertain rides, there are many things to consider and remember when regular maintaining the carousels. The following are the basic maintenance of carousel from Beston.

  1. Every day, before and after work, it is necessary to check out whether each component is fixed well or not and whether there is noise when it is operating. If there is any abnormal situation, stop it immediately and check and eliminate thoroughly.
  2. Add butter to rolling bearing and gear monthly; add lubricating oil to rolling bearing daily.
  3. The site and the equipment should keep clean. If there are some dirt accumulating on the fiberglass, clean it by the soft cotton yarn soaked with detergent and then scrub with polishing waxes.
  4. The whole equipment should be maintained every half a year: as for the transmission part, make a complete cleaning, change oil and change wearing parts; examine the abrasion situation and eliminate them.

When you plan to purchase some small carousels for your kids or other amusement park equipment, please contact me and we will reply to you as soon as possible within 24 hours. Our top quality service and superior quality amusement rides with the best prices will never let you down!


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