Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale


The small pirate ship, also called mini pirate ship, is one kind of colorful and innovative classic amusement park equipment. This kind of ride has a relatively gentle swing, with beautiful colors and cartoons decoration. It is more suitable for both indoor and outdoors, such as amusement park, theme park, funfair, shopping mall, etc.

Introduction of Small Pirate Ship

In general, the small pirate ship can accommodate 8 to 12 children. The overall height is 3m, and its operating height is 1.75m. And this pirate ship mainly includes support arms, suspension systems and protection chains, which has a similar structure to the large pirate ship ride. As a interesting and exciting amusement ride, Beston small pirate ships for sale are very popular with children.

Main Features of Small Pirate Ships For Sale:

  • Customized design and colorful decorations. Beston company has a professional design team, which can design different types of mini pirate ships. So customers can be free to choose the sizes, colors and themes.
  • Safety guarantee. Considering the safety of small pirate ship for kids, the whole boat-shaped gondola is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. The supporting structure of the rides is made of welded steel, and the decorative paintings of the entire pirate ship is thick enough to meet certain standards and they will not be destroyed. It is important that the Beston mini pirate ship for sale is comfortable and safe with seat belts.
  • Equipped with LED lights and music. Beston small pirate ships are also equipped with LED lights, which make them become more beautiful at night. And the children will have a good time in the amusement park.
  • High quality and competitive prices. As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston small pirate ship for sale for sale with good quality and reasonable prices. So Beston company is the best choice for customers.
  • Professional services. The pre-sales team provide professional and efficient product consulting services.The after-sales team provide the installation, training for customers, and respond immediately after customer feedback.

How Does The Mini Pirate Ship Ride Work?

  • Turning on the power, the motor drive the pulley and make the wheel rotate.
  • Pressing the inching button, the electric hydraulic pusher works. Then it will raise the tire height, making the tire and boat bottom friction. The friction will provide the power for the movement of mini pirate ship.
  • Repeat several times operate to make the ship reach max operating height. Also using the inertia and gravity push the ship swing back.
  • Before the end of the operation, when the swinging of mini pirate ship is opposite to the turning direction of the tire. Pushing inching button again so that the electric hydraulic pusher can lift the height of the tire to rub against the ship bottom to slow down the ship running speed. Finally the pirate ship is stationary, operating cycle is end.

Buying high-quality Small Pirate Ships From Beston

If you are looking for high-quality mini pirate ship for children online, please don’t hesitate to choose Beston company. As a leading and reliable manufacturer & supplier in China, Beston company can provide top-quality products and professional services for customers. That’s because our company owns the professional design team, production workshop, sales team and after-sale team.

For those customers who want to buy mini pirate ships from Beston company, please contact us online or leave a message blew. And we will provide the detailed product list and free quotes for you. Besides, Beston company also design and manufacture the large pirate ships. Of course, you can also visit our factory according to your own time. Looking forward to cooperating with you in the future!


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