Spinning Roller Coaster for Sale


Beston spinning roller coaster for sale, as a popular theme park rides, is combined with roller coaster, carousel rides, space walk rides, etc. And it is more interesting and exciting. And it is widely seen in large theme park, amusement park, funfairs, outdoor playground and fairgrounds.

Why Choose the Spinning Roller Coaster?

  1. The spinning roller coaster combines the speed of a roller coaster with the experience of riding a carousel ride, which is suitable for passengers of all ages.
  2. When riding the spinning roller coasts, the cars can spin freely and have different reactions to acceleration. Therefore, you can have a unique adventure very time when riding spinning roller coasters.
  3. The track of spinning roller coaster has many slopes and turns, which means different rotating motions, and more abundant in the sliding process. And the riding feeling is unique and more fun, more interesting and thrilling.
  4. Safety measure. Passengers can be fastened safely in their seats by individual lap restraints, and face each other, which guarantees the security and a lot of fun.
  5. This product has beautiful appearance, very exciting ride experience, and is very popular with the majority of tourists. 
  6. And it is widely used in various large and medium-sized amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, indoor and outdoor playground, etc..

How Does Spinning Roller Coaster Work?

The spinning roller coaster is powered by the electric motors from the drive of two wheels, which are connected to the driving tire through the chain. The whole driving seat moves up and down by the spring. And the movement can make the tire contact with the bottom of the vehicle and generate friction to make the vehicle move forward.

When it is moving in the slope, the spinning roller coaster can be lifted to a high stage by the traction hook through the chain, and then slide down through inertia and self gravity, which is very thrilling.

Spinning Coaster Ride has cabins with seats built around the perimeter facing inward. These cabins spun freely on their chassis as they traveled down the track, which was trough-like and similar to that of a side friction roller coaster.

Spinning Roller Coaster Manufacturer – Beston Amusement:

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of various amusement park rides, Beston company is always your primary and ideal selection when investing in amusement industry.

 Beston, as a formal qualification enterprise, has nearly 20 years of amusement equipment manufacturing experience, numerous successful cases of installing park rides and building amusement and theme parks, service guarantee, etc. Please feel free to contact Beston amusement to get to know more spinning roller coasters and other amusement park rides.

Beston has a complete product production line that can be manufactured and customized amusement equipment of various specifications, large outdoor amusement equipment, small amusement park rides for kids and other new amusement rides. Beston amusement rides has been exported to many overseas countries, and have won unanimous praise from the industry and customers!

Do not hesitate to contact Beston amusement whenever you are planning to buy various amusement park rides! We will help you solve all problems when you need us!


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