Spinning Teacup Ride for Sale


As one of popular family rides, the spinning teacup ride is an amusement ride that can rotate 360 degrees, which can bring a lot of fun for many people. So this ride is very loved by children and parents. As the professional manufacturer, Beston teacup rides for sale can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, such as carnivals, amusement parks, theme parks, funfair and other places.

Coffee Cup Ride for Sale

The coffee cup ride is also called happy coffee cup ride, and it is made of tea pot, coffee cups, base plate, tracks, wheels and PLC control box. For the base plate, if indoor, we will chose the material of Aluminum embossing board and bamboo plywood. If outdoor, then will use the riffled plate. And for the coffee cup, the normal diameter is 1.2m. If the customers have the special requirements, Beston company can customize the different types of teacup rides for sale.

Bear Cup Ride for Sale

The bear cup ride mainly consist of six large cups and a big turntable. Each cup is surrounded by a big cartoon bear, and there is a big tree and other funny cartoon characters on the turntable. So these designs are very appealing to children.

When passengers participate in this amusement ride, they will feel a sense of freedom due to the stable movement and colorful designs. Besides, the steering wheel is located in the center of each cup ride. Passengers can control the direction of this ride when the big turntable rotates. What’s more, the speed can be adjusted.

Main Features of Beston Spinning Teacup Rides

  1. This tea cup ride is equipped with LED lights, music.
  2. The speed of teacup amusement ride can be also adjustable.
  3. The turntable can rotate 360 degree, and the cabins with 360 degree self-rotate.

How Does A Tea Cup Ride Work?

  • General speaking, the working principle of the tea cup ride is very similar with the down drive carousel rides. Motor is equipped on one wheel, when it starts, it will drive the wheel to move using the belt, then the base plate will be moved along with the wheels.
  • While the single cup will be 360 degree rotated by the centrifugal force. And the passengers can control the steering wheel to change the direction of rotating separately.
  • Note: As for the working principle of the bear cup ride, it differs from the coffee cup ride. There is no track or wheel on the chassis of the bear cup ride. And the rotation of the entire market is driven by the motor’s central rotary support. From the appearance, there are also some differences between the bear cup ride and coffee cup ride: there is a higher part from the base plate in the center pillar of the bear cup ride while the coffee cup ride did not.


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