Suspended Roller Coaster for Sale


Suspended roller coaster, which is known as “king of roller coaster”, a kind of external hanging pulley. This kind of roller coaster adopts the open pulley which is hanging, unlike the traditional cabin-type pulley structure. And it is more thrilling for passengers on the suspended roller coasters.

How Does the Suspended Roller Coaster Work?

  • The power of lifting the vehicle from the platform to the highest is controlled by DC motor drive chain. And the motor is fixed in the top of lifting vehicles.
  • When the vehicle standing statically in the platform is pushed by the propulsion wheel, the vehicle will be lifted step by step which will be in the lifting process .
  • There are seven groups of propeller on the platform to push the vehicle to accelerate into the lifting section, which makes passengers feel like going straight to the cloud and blue sky.
  • In the whole process, you can experience a series of high-altitude thrilling actions, such as sliding, rolling, spiral diving, just like a dragon going out to sea, which is a fashion experience that adults and young people love.

Suspended or Hanging Roller Coaster Ride Details:

The roller coaster ride consists of the overhead rail, traction system and trains, etc., 

The traction engine gives power to the train, when moves to the highest point, it automatically decoupling slide, with a large angle down thrust, vertical roll and spiral rolls, when sliding, tourists can feel the height, speed, down thrust, weightlessness and overweight, and also experience heavy centrifugal force.

Its main characteristics are: safe and reliable, good ornamental, strong stimulation, large carrying capacity, high cost performance. It can be treat as land mark equipment of the amusement park.

As a kind of popular thrilling ride, Beston roller coaster rides for sale can bring a lot of fun for people who want to challenge the limit. At present, Beston roller coaster rides have been sold well in the domestic and foreign markets.

Outstanding Advantages of Roller Coasters

  1. This ride is very breathtaking, exciting, popular for the young;
  2. With low noise, upgraded System, comfort seat, wonderful experience feeling, Beston roller coaster rides for sale have been favored by customers from different countries.
  3. Both track Length and cabins can be customized;
  4. The streamline design of the FRP carriages, the whole shaping of the carriages and the seats, and the gel coat on both inner and outer sides, which make it become more beautiful and popular roller coaster.
  5. Professional afer-sales service. Installation and commissioning and the acceptancea;Technical material, warranty and technical servicea;Spare parts serviced;Our service is available at 7*24hours every week.


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