Swing Tower Ride for Sale


The swing tower ride belongs to one of the most exciting large amusement rides. It is also a landmark ride that integrates entertainment, thrill and excitement, which is loved by a lot of young people. Besides, this ride is also called flying tower ride, sky tower ride, sky swing ride, or vertical swing ride. By the way, Beston swing tower ride for sale can be suitable for different places, such as carnivals, amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, family entertainment center, etc.

What Do You Know About Swing Tower Rides?

  • In terms of structure, swing tower ride for sale is mainly composed of these parts, including a center tower, star shaped gondolas, chairs, braking system, tracking system, wire rope, electrical system and so on.
  • The sky tower ride for sale is very similar with flying chair ride, but their structures are different. The former can do vertical movement while swinging, but the later can’t do that.
  • Beston flying tower ride has the features of high technology, magnificent structure, simple and elegant decoration, and superior play effect.
  • The greatest economic benefit can be achieved with minimal operating costs.
  • The seat is hung on the turntable by a ring chain, which will rotate and up-and-down while the turntable rotating. The passengers can feel the endless pleasure of rotating centrifugal force and thrilling running height.

Main Advantages of Beston Swing Tower Rides

  • High-quality Materials. They are made of FRP and strong steels, so they are very safe for passengers who want to have a try.
  • High Capacity. The ride can hold about 36 people at a time.
  • LED Lights. These rides are also decorated with many LED Lights, so that they can become more attractive at night and it may be the most beautiful scenery in the park.
  • Various Designs. They all have different themes and designs. Of course, our company can be able to customize the design of such rides for customers.
  • Easy to Maintain. All of them needn’t do a lot of maintenance work, so they can save a lot of cost.
  • Excellent Services. As the most professional manufacturer & supplier, Beston company provides the excellent pre-sale services and after-sale services for all the clients.

How Does A Flying Tower Ride Work?

  1. When the ride starts to move, first of all, the chairs will rise slowly from ground.
  2. When the passengers and chairs rise to a certain height, the gondola also begins to rotate around the center tower.
  3. However, when the gondola reaches the top, the chairs will begin to rotate at a high speed into a large circle.
  4. After a while, the gondola will slightly lower a bit than before, and then rotate around the center tower again.
  5. Then, the gondola will slow down while spinning. Finally, the gondola stops rotating and lands on the ground again.
  6. The passengers will experience an extremely exciting feeling through these movement.


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