Track Train Ride for sale


As a kind of simulation train, the track train ride adds the overall style of the track attracts the customer to experience from the appearance. At the same time, track trains have various styles and colorful colors, and the audience can be both an adult and a child. The train is a scenery in the process of running on the track. Beston track train ride for sale can be placed both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, including kindergartens, and shopping malls, amusement and theme parks and other places.

Introduction of Track Train Ride:

The track train ride is always loved by both children and family. When sitting in the cabins, parent and their children run circles and circles as if they sat in the real train. They are playing and laughing with each other, enjoying themselves, being full of happiness. Due to the special design and high quality, Beston track train amusement rides for sale are becoming more and more popular on the market.

Different Types of Track Train Rides:

Beston track trains can be divided into different types, including ocean track train, elephant track train, Christmas track train, worm-shaped track train, Thomas track train and other type. Among these different types of train track rides, both the elephant type and ocean type are more attractive to children due to their unique shape.

Why Choose to Buy Beston Track Train Rides?

  • Custom design: In order to meet the different needs of the market, Beston company can customize the track length, the track shape, and the number of cabins.
  • This train ride is also equipped with LED lights, music.
  • Security protection: For the train track ride, each cabin is equipped with safety belt. Besides, this ride is controlled by electric motor, and it is easy to be controlled. With constant speed, this ride is very safe for children.
  • All the steel materials rust removal by the professional de-rusting machine. And we also have four steps of painting: rust-roof painting, priming paint, finishing coating, finishing coating again based on customers’ local area.
  • We make fiberglass ourselves to control its thickness and durable. About the making process, We spread 3 to 5 layers of resin and glass fibers to keep the mold strong.

How Does the Track Train Work?

The following points are to introduce the operational working of track train ride:

  1. There are some lines from the control box, connecting the track change the original 220v/380v voltage to 24v/36v/48v.
  2. Under the locomotive and the second carriage, there is a iron wheel and a 750w motor. When it starts, the iron wheel pass the electricity to motor, and the motor drive the wheels to run, and then the whole train can go around following the track.
  3. According to the program setting, the train have the limited running time. When the running time is running out, the train can be stopped automatically.

Top Track Train Ride Manufacturer and Supplier:

As the professional amusement equipment manufacturer in China, Beston Group owns production workshop, design team, sales team and after-sales team. The main products include kiddie rides, popular family rides, thrilling rides, VR rides, etc.

So far, all of these amusement products not only have passed CE, ISO certification, etc., but also have been successfully exported to many countries and regions, including Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, France, America, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Libya, Lebanon and so on. What’s more, Beston amusement rides are enjoying a reputation at home and abroad.

If you want to buy the train track ride from Beston company, please contact us online or leave a message below. Besides, we also provide the quality trackless trains for customers. Looking forward to working with you!


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