Trackless Trains for Sale


Beston manufactures and supplies electric trackless trains for sale with 4 carriages and there are 4 seats in every carriage. BESTON trackless trains for sale are equipped with dedicated battery powered locomotives at excellent quality, which has no air pollution. It is a kind of fairly welcomed tourist trains in many public places, such as Tourism Areas, Amusement Parks, Commercial Pedestrian Street, Parks, Housing Estate, and so on.

Hot Sale Trackless Trains Models:

There exists to be several types of trackless trains in Beston Group according to the applications, such as party trackless trains, shopping mall trackless trains, garden trackless trains, barrel trackless trains, etc.

  • Electric Trackless Trains for sale:

The electric trackless trains for kids can increase much more interests and happiness to the children in the birthday party and make the party unforgettable.

  • Trackless Mall Trains for Sale

The trackless trains in the shopping mall can provide many conveniences for parents when shopping in the mall and attract more customers to your malls to create more benefits for you.

And there are more trackless trains from Beston. The amusement train generally can hold 12 to 24 children and adults. Many specifications of electric park train rides can be customized, such as appearance, sizes, colors, etc.. to meet all the requirements of our customers.

Why Choose Trackless Train from Beston?

  1. Beston trackless trains have advantages of professional technique, novel design, attractive appearance (including cute cartoon theme), low noises, no air pollution, safe operation, highest quality and reasonable price.
  2. Trackless train in BESTON company is made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Steel, which is environmental friendly corrosion-resistant and stable material, prolonging the service life of the small kiddie electric trackless train rides.
  3. The trackless train is equipped with gorgeous light and wonderful music, and it has the non-deformable and non-fading painting.
  4. The color, size, and appearance of the trackless train can be customized.
  5. The trackless trains can make it available for visitors to reach almost all scenery effortless and are the effective instrument for visitors.
  6. These mini kiddie trains are commonly seen in shopping malls, large shopping center, and recreational area, walking street, parks, playgrounds, community park, zoo, amusement parks, theme parks, and so on.

You can buy all types of trackless trains from Beston. Please contact us! Our sales manager will reply to you as soon as possible and give you a satisfying response with a free quotation.


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